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This fun piece comes from Japan’s Team-Lab. The group of artists and engineers, well known for their scenic projected shows put together a playful installation, that envisages toys of the future. The video showcases users playing with blocks, connecting trains and train tracks together on a tabletop, enabling¬†a more tangible interaction through the experience. In their own words:

“Cars and trains run along roads and rail tracks that connect between wooden blocks. By placing different blocks more and more cars and trains appear and a townscape develops. Blocks of the same color and blocks close by each other connect. Children play by placing the blocks at different positions, and before they know it, together they have created a town!”





In a related work,¬†Team-Lab designed another installation where small stick like projected characters run around and on top of objects on the table top. The object’s shape, size and color are used to reflect what the small characters do on the table and object. The more objects, the more characters you see and the more fun!





[Source: Connecting!, Where Little People Live! ]