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Japanese media artist and mastermind Nobumichi Asai pulled off another viral hit, making waves with ‘Face Hacking.’ Some of you may remember Omote, which projected mind-blowing effects of visual makeup on a model and also exploded on the internet last year. Mr. Asai is at it again and this one is sure to knock your socks off. His work has certainly set off a wave of on-body projections, including Emmy Curl’s awesome projection mapping music video.

In the video, two models sit in the center of a stage with astounding illuminations appearing on their face. Glowing lines, ghoulish motifs and robotic montages are among many of the effects that adapt to the contours of the model’s faces. Asai masterfully uses these astounding visual makeup effects to transform what we believe a human face can be. Of course, the fact that the models can move their faces at the same time also adds interactive icing to the cake! Truly magical.