Falling Universe of Flowers

Falling Universe of Flowers
August 23, 2015 Projection Mapping Central

teamLab, the Japanese artists and masterminds behind projects like the digital space waterfalls created a new installation called Falling Universe of Flowers.

The piece was part of Asutamuland’s new media exhibition earlier this year, and consists of a large dome of blooming flowers that completely immerses and enchants audiences. An algorithm running in the background computes how the flowers form, take shape and fall down the dome.

In their own words:

“A dome Installation art work consisting of over 10 million flowers that bloom in an endless unviverse. Neither a pre-recorded animation nor on loop, the work is being rendered in real time by a computer program. The flowers spring up, grow, bud and blossom before their petals begin withering, and the flowers eventually fade away. The cycle of growth and decay repeats itself in perpetuity. What you can see right now will never be repeated again in the future.”