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Hampton Court 500 Year Celebrations

Hampton Court 500 Year Celebrations
October 6, 2015 Mallory Casperson

Recently, 59 Productions joined together with Historic Royal Palaces, the independent charity managing a number of the former Royal residences located in the United Kingdom, to help celebrate the 500th anniversary celebrations at Hampton Court Palace.  Known as Henry VIII’s “pleasure palace,” Hampton Court Palace was the center of court life for more than 200 years.

To add to the festivities, 12 projectors were used to light up the expansive palace facade in a multi-dimensional story of the Hampton Court Palace.  Part history lesson, part whimsical fairy tale, the projection mapping experience takes the observer through a dynamic and colorful exploration of several key events in the Palace’s past.  An experience for people of all ages, the projection mapping show brought together the age-old wisdom of the Palace’s history with current technology and entertainment.

Hampton Court 1 Hampton Court 2 Hampton Court 3