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HeavyM – Mapping software public release (3 Versions)

After a successful Kickstarter and years in Beta, HeavyM is about to make its official debut.  As of May 19th you will be able to get your hands on 3 different versions of HM(Mac & PC).  Free, Start, & Live. Check out the information and images below, or visit their website: Download the Free version and give it a try today! HeavyM –

HeavyM Free

This is the new free version of HeavyM, you will have to create an account to download. Free differs from the Beta version with it’s new interface and host of new features and built in visual effects.  Note: This version will come with a watermark.

HeavyM Start

YEAR – 49€ LIFETIME – 99€ incl.VAT.  You can also opt for a 3 or 6 months subscription.

No watermark
More than 50 visual effects
Sound reactivity
Keyboard control (in development)

HeavyM Olga

HeavyM Live

YEAR – 199€ LIFETIME – 399€ incl.VAT.  You can also opt for a 3 or 6 months subscription.

This powerful version allows you to play with MIDI controllers and multiple projectors. The software is Syphon/Spout compatible. Unlimited video outputs & players. Not to mention all of the other Start features. With 1 license you can install HeavyM on 2 different computers.

Projectile Objects