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Life Space UX

Life Space UX
February 14, 2014 Rajinder Sodhi

A month ago at CES, we wrote a post on Sony’s new Life Space UX project which envisions a future where projected images appear in “harmony” with the rest of your home. Check out the video above to get a first hand look at what we saw at their concept booth.

Sony showed off some awesome proof of concept demos along with their new 4k projector due out later this year. The 4k projector is expected to cost around $30,000 – $40,000, and can sit inches from the wall beaming out a 147-inch 4k image. A powerful laser diode light source along with a combination of zoom lenses enables a crisp 2000-lumen image that stays bright even with lights turned on. While the 4k projector looks quite large at first, it’s modular design allows the fixture to split apart into speakers and open cabinet space.


The concept demos featured a lamp turned projector situated above an ordinary kitchen table:


Users could interact with the projected image as they would a table top computer:


Also on display were short throw projectors that could be screwed into everyday light bulb fixtures, turning a home’s ceiling into a brightly lit ambient display.


While there was no mention of the concepts turning into full fledged end consumer products, we’re hopeful that Sony will keep up the great work.