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Lumipen – The Fastest Projection Mapping In The West

Most projection mapping ( video mapping ) pieces map onto static, non-moving objects. Some projection mappists have attempted to map onto moving objects (see White Kanga’s work). However, what you are about to see takes real-time projection mapping to dizzing new levels.

The Ishikawa Oku Laboratory out of the University of Tokyo can map onto rapidly moving objects (think really, really fast). They use a high-speed 1000 fps camera, to track the moving object. They use a standard projector (@ 60 Hz) and some fancy mirrors that can be rotated at high speed (saccade mirrors). The end result is blazing fast mapping on a ping-pong ball.

Don’t ask how much the system costs. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. (The mirrors and related optics are really expensive).

They’ve been at this game a long time. Creating bad-ass high speed vision systems.