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MapMapper is one of the front-runners in the race of projection mapping software. MadMapper provides easy and simple tools for warping content onto simple geometric physical objects. Best yet, it supports the Syphon framework and integrates well with other tools like Modul8, VDMX etc.

The software comes with a simple, yet powerful feature set for projection mapping. The geometric warping tool provides the beginner with some straight forward illustrations of how to distort a picture that can be projected on a physical object. This fundamental tool is really all you need to do some basic projection mapping. Once you’ve mastered warping, take a look at the building projection mapping tutorial which introduces After Effects (another big industry standard) into the workflow. The tutorial shows some key aspects to projection mapping including how one distorts content to fit on different planes of a building.

Another very useful feature can be found in the spacial scanner tutorial. At a high level, this tool gives you a picture as if it were taken with a projector. Now we all know that projectors aren’t cameras, but optically, they work almost the same way. By projecting a series of codes, the camera can simulate what it’s like to be optically aligned with a projector. So, rather than distorting pictures with the warping tool, you can produce all your effects directly on the projector image and it will align perfectly to the physical object.