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Pixel: Interactive Projected Effects for Performance

How can you make actors look like they’re dancing on silk, conjuring particles, and skipping on rocks over a deep abyss, all in the same performance? With projected light of course! These are just a few of the mind-blowing effects featured in Pixel, a recent interactive dance piece by Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne. The above video shows just a glimpse of the hour-long performance — I know I’m waiting for the day I get to see the whole thing.

Most impressive is the technology behind the performance. We’ve seen spectacular projection mapping for performances before (including the many by Klaus Obermaier), but most performances rely on great choreography and perfect execution. While the choreography and execution is nothing less than amazing, Pixel makes the processes easier through a combination of their in-house software eMotion, QLab, and Vezer coupled with OSC input to make sure the performance remains in sync. For more technical details directly from Adrien Mondot, check out Vezer’s project showcase.