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PocketVJ 3.5 a portable multimedia tool., based off of the Rasberry Pi platform. Similar to the ofxPiMapper, but with more functionality.

Its a pocket-sized media player which fits the needs of the modern multimedia artist.

When it comes to projection mapping with the Raspberry Pi, a few options come to mind.  Madmapper’s minimad, ofxPiMapper, and the all-in-one PocketVJ.


I’ve documented how easy it is to get up and running with the minimad here:  but with its price point of $220 + a mad mapper license ($420 own, $42 / month rent), it may stretch your budget further than you’d like. But what if you could combine both of those two?  What if there was a device that offered the freedom and flexibility of ofxPiMapper, the sync capabilities of the minimad, and could be easily accessed from your cell phone or a web-browser?   


To start, if you have a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 laying around, you can go here, follow the instructions and build your own pocketVJ from scratch or if you want to support the developers in another way you can buy their PVJ from Switzerland.


The pocketVJ uses a variant of ofxPiMapper and ties into a web control panel that lets you control everything from automation and video playback to test patterns and diagnostics. There’s even a browser-based FTP panel so you can upload directly to the PVJ without plugging into the device.


Multiple pocketVJ’s can seamlessly sync up video playback either over wifi or ethernet.  The device accepts a wide range of protocols such as TCPSyphon, DMX, RS232, & OSC. Has an image player, PDF Presenter, on/off scheduler, works with the Pi Camera, Super Pikix Pi. <- I love the ducks on this one) OLA, QLC+, and on and on… The entire device is open for your customization.  You could program and configure the Pi’s GPIO pins to interact with devices, pi hats, and buttons. It really is a multi-tool.  I have to give Marc from Berne Switzerland a long applause for this one.  You can hear his voice here in the series of tutorials that he continues to release for the PocketVJ:


Take a look at the full control panel layout:



If you like the project you can support the developer by buying a PocketVJ or using paypal and donating to [email protected]


The project is opensource and the source code is provided on Github

There is a roadmap to see whats coming up next:



Video Mapping

Image Player

Screen Sharing

Presenter (Powerpoint)

Video-Projector control



Full HD and any other resolution

Auto loop 24/7

Scheduler (Timer)

Opensource Web interface