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Splash is an open-source video-mapping software (for Linux and OSX), targeted at multi-projector installations such as fulldomes but which works well for smaller installations too. It has been thought as a part of a broader pipeline, so it concentrates on video-mapping and leaves content creation to other softwares through multiple means of communication.

To name its main characteristics:
– Virtually unlimited number of outputs: Splash can handle any number of graphic cards, as well as video splitters,
– High performances: tested successfully with a 6144×6144 at 30Hz video mapped through 8 outputs,
– Semi-automatic calibration of the video-projectors (intrinsic and extrinsic parameters),
– Automatic calibration of the blending,
– Automatic colorimetric calibration (with a gPhoto compatible camera),
– On recent hardware (OpenGL 4.3+), real-time update of the blending (i.e. to map on moving objects)
– Can read most common video format, as well as Hap compressed format variations,
– Reads input cards and cameras compatible with the V4L2 standard on Linux, or any camera compatible with OpenCV on Linux,
– Compatible with Syphon on OSX,
– Communicates with Blender through an addon.