Projection Mapping at LDI 2015

Projection Mapping at LDI 2015
October 30, 2015 Projection Mapping Central

LDI 2015 was quite an experience this year! From projection mapping, to Gobos, LED displays and lots of lasers….mmmmm lasers, there was lighting fun for everyone. Hit the jump to see a quick video recap. A few highlights:

Back at LDI this year showing off their latest and greatest was D3. One of the neat things about their booth this year is they created a miniature Super Bowl display showcasing how their D3 software and media server were used to light up America’s greatest sporting event.




Also making the rounds at LDI were Dataton with their new Watchout version 6. They had a fun abstract piece displayed on the wall and also showcased their precise (albeit manual) calibration process:



AVStumplf had quite a booth, showing off their line of Raw Media Servers and their projection mapping software Wings Vioso. They were projecting on mini cars, mini buildings, calibrating, and edge blending on large screens. Currently, they support shapes you can define mathematically (e.g., represent rectangles, curves, ellipses) in their calibration but still no support for arbitrary 3D shapes. Check out their calibration process between projectors (from Kevin Zevchick) along with their non-linear editor below:




The calibration process takes about 30 sec or so per projector and with Raw Media Server you can hook this thing up to quite a few projectors. Pretty rad!

One of my favorite booths was from the folks at Green Hippo. Mostly because with their newest software baked into their Hippotizer solution, they were mapping Star Wars!




Laser Projectors from LaserNet (enough said):




Another really neat showing was from the UV lighting designers at Wildfire. They essentially made a UV printing process that will reflect UV light when illuminated by a UV projector. When the UV projectors (essentially blacklights) are off, we see nothing. When the UV projector turn on, you see UV illuminated content! Pretty amazing!

We always get several inbound requests about mounting, so if you’re interested in the newest mounting solutions, feast your eyes on ModTruss:



What a blast! Now that LDI 2015 is over, lets make some magic projection mappers!