Racing Extinction and #ProjectingChange

Racing Extinction and #ProjectingChange
March 15, 2015 Kevin Karsch

Last week at the Boulder International Film Festival, a trailer was featured for Racing Extinction, a film about promoting and enacting conservational awareness. The film includes a super-awesome, futuristic car that was designed and created by the creative experience wizards at Obscura, housing a steerable projector, electroluminescent paint, and many other neat gadgets. (Check out the full feature about the car here, it really is spectacular.)


The car’s design and implementation are only half of the allure — it’s also 100% functional, as the projector, IR camera, and other features can actually be used in real situations. That’s exactly what Balcony Nine Media showcased in conjunction with the film’s trailer at the Boulder International Film Festival. The “undercover mobile eco-projection vehicle” was driven to multiple locations around the city and projected visuals for raising awareness about endangered species and climate change, as shown in the above video.


Racing Extinction is anticipated to be released in theaters later this year. Be sure to check out the trailer below.


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