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#SuperBowl: Isn’t That What You Do?

Checking your inbox today, you will probably got at least one “Hey did you see the super bowl last night? Isn’t that what you do?”

It’s official guys, projection mapping has made it to the most mainstream event in the world. What started off as the stuff of art installations is now eye candy for the mass public. As it is impossible to get high quality video of the Super Bowl you’ll have to deal with this ABC News segment.

The mapping was done by Lightborne out of Cincinnati OH. They did Katy Perry’s last tour (along with Kayne West). It appears the stage was LED’s with a white tarp + projection surrounding the stage.


The mapping was done using d3 Technologies media servers, and (from the looks of Twitter) Barco projectors.

Bonus: While searching for Super Bowl Halftime Videos I found this gem –