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Crazy Awesome – Turn Your Living Room Into Mario Kart with Romo

Ken Kawamoto has managed to turn his living room into an off-brand Mario Cart, featuring a real live robot and some awesome interactive projection mapping. Similar to RoomAlive, Ken has created a game that dynamically adapts to your living room. By combining Romo and projection mapping, RomoCart lets you race robots around a race course generated in your living room, whilst firing missiles and throwing bananas at opponents.


In case you haven’t seen it before, Romo is an unusual accessory for your iphone that turns your phone into a robot. Ken combined this with a Xtion depth sensor and a Sanwa pico projector). The system enables users to play a racing game that is fully integrated into the room, since the race track is automatically generated to fit your room layout. RomoCart scans your room, and generates an optimal race course based on the layout of your room.


Users can even interact physically with the game. Making obstacles with couch pillows or their foot (which RomoCart can track via the depth sensor).

missile_block (1)


See their other awesome start home hacks: Tempescope, Moving Windows, Myra. Get the full deets on RomoCart at Ken’s blog.

They’ve announced that all source code will be released at a later stage, so that anyone will be able to play RomoCart in their homes.  Get pumped!