PMC was a community resource for projection mapping (video mapping). Information on this website is out of date, as the editors are now at .

Blendy Dome VJ

BlendyDomeVJ ilustration ProjectileObjects

“The future of easy dome mapping has arrived! With “Blendy Dome VJ” you can map any dome surface on site or simulate the dome before a gig with virtual projectors using the simulated dome diameter, horizon, and tilt. Simply plug in your laptop to the projectors and start mapping any dome”

Full dome mapping and real time domemaster slicing has never been so easy. You simply choose your dome-blueprint, map it, blend the projector outputs,  load your content and you are ready to play. You can also load your domemaster files into any  Syphon player and Blendy Dome VJ will slice, map, and blend your content perfectly using its vertical and circular soft edge blends with the “Blendy” trademark exclusive RGB-based blend positioning.

Simulate different projectors setup and navigate in your 3D dome just like a video game. Drag-and-drop your content into Blendy Dome VJ and check how it looks in a virtual dome. It is also an excellent pre visualization tool for your full dome creations. It allows content producers to try out their productions on the go.
It supports various video formats and Syphon….