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World’s Most Expensive Restaurant Sublimotion Uses Projection

SubliMotion, a new restaurant opening in Ibiza, Spain, this summer, is on it’s way to becoming the world’s most expensive restaurant, charging more than $2,000 a person! Set to open at the Hard Rock hotel in Ibiza, Sublimotion offers up to 12 guests the chance to explore a fusion of culinary perfection with projection mapping technology. Guests enjoy a 20 course meal prepared by master chef Paco Roncero, which includes a menu of nifty lighting and projection mapping that accompanies the meal.

You may remember a similar experience done by El Celler de Can Roca’s culinary opera experience El Somni which transports guests to an insane magical and immersive world of food and projected light. El Somni similarly featured 12 guests sitting around a table in a multimedia dome as a 12-act opera swirls around them and on their table and food. Below, you can see the dining table and surrounding dome transform into a moon’s surface, mermaids serving drinks and not to mention, the unbelievable menu served up by the Roca brothers, combined with this magical opera.

While all this sets you back a pretty penny, this is a fascinating artistic showcase that truly hits all your senses. Remarkable work!