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YouTube On Stage Live – Kennedy Center

YouTube On Stage Live – Kennedy Center
August 22, 2014 Rajinder Sodhi

The latest from Obscura Digital. Awesome work! In their own words:

YouTube OnStage Live from the Kennedy Center was a one-time event showcasing musical acts that have gone viral on the video platform. Headlined and curated by John Legend, the show featured a number of pop sensations, including Lindsay Stirling, Les Twins, Mike Realm, and Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox.

Obscura electrified attendees at the event with a large-scale interactive stage show. Movable, modular hanging panels reconfigured to change the stage design for each performer. The panels became living visual environments, with media elements responding to specific musical cues through a real-time visualization system. The sensory experiences were carefully choreographed to each artist’s performance. The event was the latest in a series of successful collaborations between Obscura and YouTube, whose partnership has helped redefine live performance and musical artistry.