Le Petit Chef: Projection Mapping on your Dinner Plate!

Le Petit Chef: Projection Mapping on your Dinner Plate!
May 27, 2015 Rajinder Sodhi

Projection mapping could be coming to a restaurant near you! It’s always a treat to see designers go that extra mile to create beautiful projection mapping content and this piece is no exception. Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeek over at SkullMapping put on a wonderful show for their dinner guests. Hit the jump to see the mini-chef in action.

As you sit down, preparing to gobble down your meal, a mini chef arrives at your plate ready to serve! In the author’s own words:

For this project, we experimented with projection onto a dinner table. By making use of a combination of 3D animation and motion capture, a miniature chef turns your dish into a projected grill. Bon appétit!



The chef then picks up all the ingredients, even going as far as cutting down a broccoli tree to make sure guests get the very best:


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen projection mapping on a restaurant table. Some of you may remember SubliMotion’s awesome work that was featured at the Hard Rock hotel in Ibiza. And for anyone interested in their own customized projection mapping restaurant experience, Skullmapping is taking orders. Be sure to reach out!

Truly magical!

  • CloudNo9

    Is this commercially available? I would be interested.

    • Alan Doud

      I think you can get it at Skull Mapping, but I imagine it is way expensive.

  • anyone know where there is a restaurant that is using this? I am in the south bay area of Los Angeles (near LAX)

    • Anthony Anderson

      Inamo restaurant in London has this, check it out on youtube

      • Carmen Myerscough

        Anywhere in the USA?

        • Elka Smith

          i eould like to know too

  • Naresh Chef

    Hi guys,
    please let me know if is commercially available. i like have it for my restaurant.


  • Andy Mullen

    Very amusing, but it’s not real. If it was, there would be answers to the comments below. Or maybe they don’t want to sell it.

    • Hi Andy,
      This is a blog / news site. The creative agency SkullMapping created this work, and you would have to contact them about Le Petite Chef.

    • Anthony Anderson

      Inamo restaurant in London has this