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AM-CB Pushes boundaries with more projection mapped performances

You may be familiar with Pixel ( link), but AM-CB is far more than a single performance.

The Adrien M / Claire B Company has been acting in the fields of the digital arts and performing arts since 2004. They create many forms of art, from stage performances to exhibitions combining real and virtual worlds with IT tools that were developed and customized specifically for them. The projects are carried out by Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne. (AM-CB) The company operates as a research and creativity workshop based out of Presqu’île in Lyon.

AMBC Dance Company Site


They also have their eMotion software available for download.


eMotion is an app for creating interactions between graphical objects and real word information. It is based on a physical animation system and it aims at exploring how motion can convey emotion. In other words: it is an editor that allows you to define a graphic world composed of objects in the shape of points, lines, images, videos, and to define the way you will interact with them (sound, kinect, wiimote, leap motion, etc.).


Check out their other projects and experimentations: