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#AmericanIdol: That was Projection Mapping on Jennifer Lopez’s Dress!

#AmericanIdol: That was Projection Mapping on Jennifer Lopez’s Dress!
March 23, 2015 Rajinder Sodhi

Sitting in her judge’s chair, Jennifer Lopez’s job is to critique the talented performers who grace the Idol stage. But there’s a reason she’s sitting in that chair in the first place… What a treat to watch Jennifer Lopez take the stage to perform the awesome “Feel the Light” from the upcoming movie ‘Home’.

And even better is her astounding dress. It’s another illustration of how mind blowing projection mapping can be. Hit the jump to see for yourself. At first, I thought her dress was strangely long, but stunning nonetheless. I admit, I jumped out of my chair 1:00 through the video seeing her dress come to life. As she performed, special effects and images of the film’s animated characters were projected on her dress, seamlessly blending with the stage.

Dress designers Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn were the masterminds of the show. As the designers revealed, “The gown is actually a dress with a 20-foot radius skirt attached to it. The dress was two separate pieces. There was the dress by Misha that gave us the top silhouette and the giant skirt was then placed over that.” For those of you wanting to experiment with similar materials, the fabric came from International Silks & Woolens in LA.

Keep the mainstream projection mapping coming guys! First, it was the SuperBowl, now, American Idol! Truly magical!